A Call For Snake Friendly Property Owners

Due to urban expansion and habitat loss we are putting a call out for property owners, in the north west region of Melbourne, who would be willing to let us release snakes on their property. The property would have to contain suitable habitat with permanent water and be large enough for any snakes released to live away from contact with people. Snakes would only be released on the property if they were caught in the surrounding area (within 5 Kms). More and more land is being released for urban growth and much of what is left is being turned into landscaped parks and gardens. Very little native habitat now remains which is what we require so reptiles can be released and live happily ever after.

If you have a suitable property and are willing to live with an extra snake or two please go to our contact page and send us your details.

Much Needed Rescue Equipment Has Arrived!

The DSE have come to the rescue! We recently received a grant from the DSE for the purchase of climbing equipment, so we can now assist with the rescue of Koalas and other animals stuck in trees. Currently it can take a day or two to get a tree climber out or get the SES to help with an animal stuck in a tree. Hopefully we will be able to do the DSE tree climbing course soon which will allow us to climb trees on fire grounds. This would mean that we could potentially get these animals to a vet much sooner and get them the treatment they require. It will also give us more time to search for other injured wildlife on the fire grounds.

Even though this is great news we still need to purchase more equipment so if you would like to help please contact us on 0408 365 948 or alternatively go to our contact page

Victorian Bushfires Heroes

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the bushfires and a big thank you to all the volunteers, the Red Cross and the CFA who have and are still doing an amazing job.

We are now wildlife carers specialising in reptiles !!!

The Dept. of Sustainability and Environment has been kind enough to give us a small grant to buy equipment needed to house and care for reptiles. We will be able to build enclosures to house lizards and venomous snakes safely (so the kids don't get bitten) and set up enclosures for turtles.

Think twice about feeding snakes live rodents !!!

If you keep snakes as pets and you feed your animals live rodents then it would be in your interest to have a look at the "Rat attack" poster (955Kb PDF file).

Greendale Wildlife Shelter launches BADGAR....

BADGAR has been launched by Donna Zabinskas and Walter Collins at the Greendale Wildlife Shelter. To find out more (or make a donation) visit the website www.badgar.org.au